I’m too big to fit into my sleeping bag!

So this is the conversation in my house this evening, between my husband and one of his good friends… I’m not even sure how it started but this is how it went:

Husband said ‘I’m too big to fit into my sleeping bag’.

Friend “Arms in or out?”

Husband “In”

Friend “Well that is your first error. But that’s why I don’t workout because I don’t want to not fit into my sleeping bag”.

I love first world problems as they provide far too much entertainment. So here poses some important first world questions:

1. What do large people do when it come’s to sleeping bags (tall or wide)? Do they zip two sleeping bags together? it turns out that you can get x-large sleeping bags and now my husband wants one despite the fact we never use ours.

2. Why when we never go camping does my husband want a new sleeping bag? Well… he’s had a few beverages…. enough said.

There is no point to this blog other than the fact that I thought it was funny. Please feel free to share your first world problems… I love ‘em!!!!


Home is whenever I’m with you!

Tomorrow is 11 years since I had a joint going away / birthday party with my friend (his birthday and my going away). My friend drank a lot of beverages and busted some sick dance moves, like really amazing, I flirted with a guy with very nice arms hoping for a pash.

This guy turned out to be an excellent pash and I married him. Our wedding song Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home  despite being very difficult to dance to was very us. Maybe because we have traveled a lot together or maybe because we lived apart on a few occasions but mostly because everything material doesn’t really matter but being together does.

Today I was telling my Dad that 11 years seems so long ago and at the same time not so long, turns out it’s about 43 years since my Mum and Dad got together and I hope tHome is whenever I'm with you!hat Kyle and I can last that type of distance. My parents are frustrating and adorable all at the same time but I don’t think either would function very well without the other. I guess I’m some kind of romantic and I really do believe that there is someone out there for each of us who we can love (and tolerate all at the same time). Sometimes they aren’t the person you picture and thank goodness for that because they can be so much more.

Here’s to 11 more years… Happy Pashiversary Kyle xx

Girls like dinosaurs too!

So I think I have only really noticed this since some very lovely girlfriends gave me a triceratops necklace for my birthday and a matching dinosaur birthday card (which I LOVE) but the majority of people think dinosaurs are for 8 year old boys! What the?

I really don’t get it. My sister had a massive fascination with dinosaurs growing up. I’m not sure if it’s because we used to love the movie The Land Before Time, oh flat head – he was so cute. She had a fair bit of dinosaur stuff. So I guess for me it was always normal that dinosaurs were for everyone.

But since I have been wearing my necklace I’ve had noticed a few interesting comments from ‘are you wearing a dinosaur necklace?’ to ‘oh yeah, boys they just love dinosaurs… oh so do you?’

Does everything have to be categorised as boys or girls? I find this really a strange thing. My sister and I grew up wearing pretty dresses (including one that had watering can buttons – it was floral. I was convinced that the watering cans kept the flowers on my dress from dying) but we also wore ‘old clothes’ to play in the mud or help Dad in the shed.

Also there were never boys and girls toys there were just toys. I did once crack it because I was given a small transformer for my birthday and I really wanted a big one, my mum has since made up for that getting me one just a few years ago. Thanks Mum x

Clearly I am the same today. I love to get my hair done and wear pretty clothes but I equally love to fix scales with my Dad in my King Gee shorts. I would love to go and see monster trucks or just watch bad reality make over shows.

I think sterotypes are boring and while some people buy into them I choose to be me. I intent to make sure that my beautiful niece knows that she can just be her and if that’s wearing Wonder Woman outfit or pretty bows in her hair then she should, maybe even at the same time. The only rule should be to stay true to herself.

I believe you should always be yourself… unless you can be a mermaid and then I would be the mermaid… but that might be another post!!

Land Before Time

Land Before Time


Doing nice things for others makes me smile like an idiot

I have had a few friends who have been having a crappy run for no reason other than the fact that sometimes life is just shit and deals you a rubbish hand.

Often in the past when someone is going through stuff that is hard to understand I have avoided it, especially if it’s to do with grief. I am terrible with grief think this was because when I was little and I had to go to a number of funerals I just pretended they were on holiday, this was a great coping mechanism then, now it just screws me up emotionally and I don’t know how to respond.

My new thing is to do the first nice thing I can think of it might be to make a homemade gift, send a card, drop off flowers or just to sit and listen. None of these things are hard to do but they seem to make a big difference to the recipient.

Yes, yes you all know this and it’s easy but sometimes I find that I have fantastic intentions and think ‘I should… send a card, bake a cake, do something nice’ then I get busy and then I just forget. So now I’m not should-ing, I’m doing!

Last week I dropped off a little something to a friend and I grinned like an idiot the whole way home. I had so much fun putting together this little gift, thinking about what might make her day and hoping that she’d like it even though it really doesn’t make her situation any better.

I also had a chat to a colleague, who I don’t know very well as I haven’t known her for very long. Just after Christmas her son was in a really bad accident and well it’s been a pretty shit month for her and her family. I sat and listened to her and then stayed a while and just talked about stuff. Nothing very interesting, just stuff. As I left she said thanks for listening.

I didn’t start making this conscious effort to be nice, I think that I am normally nice, but I am really enjoying trying to bring a little extra sunshine to my friends who might not be having the best time. I guess I am also fortunate to know how nice it feels to have beautiful friends do something for you when you aren’t in a great space.

If you have a favorite thing to do when a friend is struggling I’d love to hear what it is.  Feel free to leave a comment x

I don’t know what to be when I grow up!

When I was in high school I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up… well I didn’t know the title but I was going to cure the world of obesity. It can’t be that hard, just exercise and eat healthy, right? I even used to ask my manager at McDonalds if I could refuse to serve customers if their belly was jammed into the steering wheel, they all said no and also surprisingly turned down my idea to encourage these people to at least park and walk and encourage healthy behaviours.

The thing I had not considered is the bit where you have to work with humans who are not very good at making decisions about what is good for them right at this minute and not in the future. So when I figured this bit out I decided that maybe I could do something else and have a career! Yes a career… but in what?

It’s really hard wanting to change the world but not knowing where to start or having a major passion… so that leaves me here. 11pm on a Friday night not being able to sleep, just thinking, wondering if I could still live out my childhood dream of being Wonder Woman.

Right now I’m working in Sport and Recreation, the high hopes I had for it aren’t being met so far however I have to admit it’s very nice not being stressed out like I was when I worked in mental health, yes I know that’s ironic that I was stressed while working on mental health projects.

Other careers I’ve considered and reasons why not:

  • Being rich – I’m to frugal to buy lotto tickets so I don’t think this will work out
  • Housewife – husband said no, I can’t just stay home and bake cakes all day
  • Mum – I like kids but I really like giving them back, that’s job is too hard
  • Running my own business – have never bothered to write a business plan for my souvenir design company – don’t laugh I have some really great ideas
  • Pilot – actually this one has potential… I haven’t totally ruled it out
  • Professional blogger – bhahahaaaaa, no I’m not good at writing, I’ve never considered this

Well to be honest this hasn’t really helped me figure out what I want to be, but I do still want to change the world for the better. Hopefully one day I will figure out how to do it!

My new relaxation strategy is Crochet! What?!

I’m the least crafty person I know… that’s not totally true I like to do what Kyle has named Food Craft. Yes I can make tiny little cars out of mini mars bars and tea cups out of tick tock biscuits. teddy

Recently my beautiful friend Camille visited Melbourne and taught me how to crochet after she recently learnt. The first 10 minutes was painful, learning how to hold the hook and getting confused about the stitches but after that I got into this rhythm and it was meditative. For the next few nights I worked on my little beanie and I noticed that I had a really good nights sleep.

Since then I’ve made a few beanies and a few scarves. I find that it’s so nice at the end of a busy day to do something with my hands and almost forget what is going on with the rest of the world. I am working towards making my niece a blanket, I have one that a family friend made for me, I love it and I’ve always wanted to learn to make them but I thought it wouldn’t be something I could do, but turns out I can! Woohoo!beanie

Since gaining this new skill I have taught a friend who like me isn’t great at winding down. She is so much better than me already and more importantly she has also found it relaxing. We think it’s because it’s not hard to do but you have to concentrate enough to calm your mind from whatever thoughts are rushing through your head.

If you want to learn there are a lot of free online tutorials and patterns. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration and free patterns – you can check out my crochet board. Here are a few good free basic patterns: Beanie, Scarf and also check out my friend’s blog on her crochet.


Random acts of kindness

Last weekend Kyle and I were strolling home from the shops when I noticed a lady in her 70’s struggling with a ‘Nanna trolley’ full of groceries. I kindly offered the services of my husbands muscles to carry the trolley up the 56 stairs (she told me how many stairs, I didn’t count them).

Even though it took some convincing that Kyle was more than capable of carrying her groceries (I had to say ‘don’t worry he goes to the gym’ Kyle may have been slightly offended by this) she was very grateful offering us both a cold can of Pepsi. Very cute.

While our five minutes of being nice made her day easier it was the feeling of helping someone for no other reason than it was a nice thing to do which stayed with me. It made me think… I often do random things for my friends but not often for strangers. It made me think is this because we don’t look for the opportunity?

While I will keep my eye out to do nice things for random people I will continue to do nice things because… well to be honest it’s easy and it makes me feel good. Win! Win!

If you are after some ideas check out the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and 40 Acts of Lent two really nice websites.



Kyle you are my Captain America

Apparently I don’t blog enough about how amazing my husband is so here goes.

What makes Kyle similar to a super hero? Well he…

  • doesn’t let Barry get out of control (Barry is his belly and three is a crowd so he’s not allowed to  hang with us)
  • learnt to cook and has even named a salad after himself “Kyle’s Special Salad”
  • understands that doing housework = happy wife = happy life
  • can put together kit furniture without having any leftover parts (according to my Dad & brother-in-law you must have super powers to achieve this)
  • has a very high tolerance level of my many moods, often in the one day and my need for constant attention
  • can shop – this equals great clothes for me as I don’t like shopping; and
  • like Captain America Kyle was skinny and now he as amazing ARMS!!

At the end of the day you can’t complain when you get to see your best friend every day, sure he may not have super powers but he’s still super hero!!



Yoga makes me angry!

I lovely friend at work asked me if I wanted to do Yoga in my lunch break. Knowing this is very good for me and that I should do something to calm my mind and become zen like I said sure, great Idea.

Problem one: I hate yoga

Problem two: same as problem one.

So I tried I did three classes I think and I have to be honest the instructor was really good, it’s a power type of yoga so it’s faster and a bit of a workout. I don’t mind the strength work as I’m kind of good at it but I just don’t enjoy yoga especially if I’m stressed. I think it’s the language used to describe the exercises, it’s so fluffy!

I get very fidgety and having to slow down in the middle of the day, while it works for some, it makes me angry. I am much better off doing something that I enjoy or that is intense as I find I can then relax once I’ve gotten rid of some energy.

Oh well I tried, maybe not as hard as I should have but I sold off my spot to one of the other girls in the office. I’m a much nicer person for stopping yoga.

I Survived Sweets Free September… October was a different story

I LOVE sweets cake, lollies, chocolate…. I have a huge sweet tooth and I have a minimal amount of willpower. I know it’s not good for you but it tastes good and I’m very good at making bad food choices when I’m stressed so I often eat a lot fair amount of crap.

My beautiful friend Mel was telling me she was going to do Sweets Free September – basically no crap, no chocolate, dessert, cake, lollies you get the drift. I thought this sounded like a great plan as in my office there is always crap and if not I can get it from down the road.

The first two weeks were hard. It was made a lot easier by being able to text Mel when I was having a moment of weakness, encouraging words of support such as “if you eat that it will go straight to your ass, sorry but you needed to hear that” were never far away and it may sound harsh but it really helped.

By week three I really wasn’t missing it. In fact I felt amazing, I was drinking more water, sleeping better, exercising every morning and really enjoying creating health snacks.

October has been a different story. The first week I said I would set boundaries and stick to them. I didn’t set the boundaries and I was offered all sorts of tasty treats and I’d have just one. Now It’s almost the end of October and work has been very stressful my eating of sweet goods has gone up, exercise has gone down and I’m feel rather average.

November will be different I’ve set boundaries – no sweets Monday to Friday! I don’t normally have access to sweets on weekends so I will see how I go! Wish me luck x